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10.02.2017 13:50

Play Finland’s Weekly Newsletter

In this report we will combine the week 06/2017 from the Finnish Game Industry. Check out all the events, news and job openings!

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Open jobs:

  • 10tons is looking for a freelance artist who could create “high-end comic style” art for a boxshot. What we have in mind regarding style and fidelity is something like this Any tips, recommendations, and pointers welcome! If you are an artist who can create something like that, write to us at contact(at)10tons(dot)com
  • Traplight Games is hiring. 3D Artist, Junior Server and Junior Gameplay Programmer positions are now open!
  • 700+ game companies in the Nordics to get an overview of game development jobs available right now. Currently 440 job openings in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway – browse through them at
  • More jobs at



Other News;

This is the weekly summary of news from the Finnish game  industry. If you want to have your news on the list, post them on the Play Finland Facebook group. The summary will be posted every Friday afternoon. Check out previous week’s list