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Logbook: February 2017

23.03.2017 10:28

In February we have continued on working with the same three main themes as in January too.

  • Compiling Finnish Game Industry report (out in April 2017)
  • Preparing Finnish Game Awards (27.4)
  • Game Connection America trade mission (27.2-1.3)

Finnish Game Industry report

The study is already in good shape, we have been finalising the texts and visuals are almost done. We are still waiting for some crucial information to be released from the few companies until we are ready to publish a study. We estimate it to be out on April.

Finnish Game Awards

Outi Tiainen joined Neogames Finland on February as an Awards producer. Due to new powers award’s practicalities, has started with full speed. Menus has been tasted, (vegetarian part was the best, even KooPee agrees). Invitations has been sent to the members of Suomen Pelinkehittäjät. We have started to work with awards graphics and voting for the awards winners is already done.

Game Connection America trade mission

Trade mission to Game Connection America was executed at the end of February. Since Neogames was present in both Game Connection and GDC, we took the advantage to build and renew our relations to South Korean partners and investors as well as keeping up the relations to Chinese partners and investors. Last year understanding the China market and connect with their partners was in our main market focus. This year we are aiming to learn and understand the South Korean market as well as building the relations with them.

Miscellaneous regular business

Some part of Neogames funding for year 2017 is now covered. We are still looking for additional funding in order to maintain existing level of activities.

As usual, during February we have been monitoring Play Finland Facebook group, conducting the newsletter of the weekly highlights.


  • Neogames started to draft its policy paper for local elections in Finland.
  • The Commerce Committee of the Parliament of Finland kindly invited us on a hearing on the upcoming changes in European copyright regulation.
  • Representatives of the associations had several meetings with policy makers in Helsinki and Brussels related to the new copyright regulation and ongoing discussions on new trade agreements between EU and third countries.
  • We participated on a panel discussion on life long learning in a seminar organised by National Union of University Students.
  • EGDF drafted a position on improving EU-Korea trade agreement.
  • Furthermore, new EGDF website was launched:

Sincerely Yours,

KooPee, Suvi, JP and Outi