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Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences (Game Design and Game Programming)

International Degree in Design / Game Design

The graduates of the Game Design degree will master game production with an emphasis on planning and developing games and acquiring a clear understanding of the game industry. The basic studies cover arts and design skills, design methods and professional tools. The education centres around 3D modeling, concept art, script writing and game mechanics. Different game design concepts will be explored in workshops, leading to design-orientated multidisciplinary projects in co-operation with various organisations. The program aims to provide competence in global game design entrepreneurship with hands-on experience and a holistic approach to visual game design concepts. Studies in Game Design enable students from different cultural backgrounds to build an international career.

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Degree in Information Technology / Game Programming

The graduates of the IT degree (B.Sc.) in Game Programming will become experts in game development and master modern programming tools and development environments. The basic studies cover important engineering topics, such as game mathematics and physics, but also various IT related topics such as networks, servers and digital technology. The emphasis, however, is on game programming itself, which covers more than half of the 4-year studies (240 cu). Students will learn hard core programming languages (C/C++) needed in game engine programming as well as languages used in modern game development environments (e.g. C#, JavaScript). The curriculum also covers web development (e.g. PHP, HTML5) and mobile platforms. The education is arranged in close co-operation with game studios and includes plenty of real-world game projects that are implemented either in our GameLab or within the game studios’ premises. More information: