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2013: Finnish Games Industry 2013

15.11.2013 12:49

It has as been growing dramatically during the past couple of years. In Q3/2013 Finnish game industry consists of more than 200 companies. Significant part of the companies develop mobile games, but there is development virtually to all existing platforms. The start-up scene is vibrant. Over 40% of the existing game companies have been established during last two years. The most well-known Finnish game companies are at the moment Rovio with its Angry Birds, and Supercell with its Clash of Clans, but these superstar companies are just the tip of the iceberg. Though most of the well established companies are located in capital area, the development of the game industry is rapid in regional areas also. Following pages present some facts and figures about one of the most dynamic game development countries at the moment…

Download the full study from this link: GameIdustryFinland11_2013