For game developers, educators, and researchers

Neogames members are the core operators of the game industry: game developers, national and regional trade associations, research and education organizations, and service providers. We serve their shared interests and provide them with services.

One of our most important tasks is to help industry operators network with partners, investors, service providers, and other stakeholders. In order to achieve this we organize networking events and coordinate joint export and marketing projects.

We produce reports and papers that offer valuable information for everyone in the industry or that has an interest in it. We also represent the game industry’s interests towards public decision-makers, and we also cooperate actively with the media.

Neogames is the link between business and education. That way we ensure that game-related education is on a sufficient level and is aligned with the game scene’s development trends. Our educational network consists of universities, universities of applied sciences, and vocational schools. We are also active in game-related research.

In addition to free general services, we also provide tailored paid services to all industry operators.

For further information: KooPee Hiltunen,, tel. +358 40 532 4176

For investors and publishers

Neogames is the fastest way to get in touch with Finnish game companies. We are also the most important information resource in the Finnish game industry.

We are impartial and independent. We can provide you with an objective opinion on relevant partnership possibilities. Our job is to bring potential partners together, but we don’t take part in the actual negotiations.

With our help you can find the right contacts, whether you are looking for a company to buy or invest in, partners, or games for publishing. We can also serve you with comprehensive stats and research information on markets, trends, and operators in the Finnish game industry.

We cooperate actively with our public and regional partners, such as Tekes, Invest in Finland, Finpro, regional development organizations, and ELY Centers.

For further information: KooPee Hiltunen,, tel. +358 40 532 4176

For the public sector and the press

Are you interested in developments and trends in the game industry? Looking for information on aggregated annual sales, the number of employees, or the future of the game business?

We know the Finnish game industry and all its aspects better than anyone else. Contact us for comprehensive and up-to-date information on the state, needs, challenges, and trends of the game industry. And if there’s something we don’t know, we know how to find out.

Our information resources are available for media purposes and well-informed decision-making for public sector officials.

For further information: KooPee Hiltunen,, tel. +358 40 532 4176