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Throughout the beginning of the 21st century, games industry has been the fastest growing branch in entertainment business, with estimated worldwide sales reaching 65 billion dollars in 2012. Games are bigger than recorded music (some $30 bn) and are rapidly catching up with movies (around $84 bn) by a few billion dollars per year.

In the new millennium, Finnish games industry has grown to be a significant part of our culture exports. The global nature of games business and small size of the domestic market mean that the games industry is now a key component in Finland´s exports and economy, with 90% of the production exported.

It is worth noticing that the games business is even bigger than its core industries of game development and services, when additional business activities and investments are taken into consideration.  For example in 2012, core games industry turnover was €250 million, while the entire branch (including game development and services, mergers and acquisitions, merchandise and license sales, and investments) had a total value of €350 million.

The core industries (game development and services) of Finnish games business reached a turnover of €900 million in 2013, which means a growth of 260% from the year before. The value of the entire branch is approximately 2,2 billion euros. Some key statistics are presented below, more detailed information is available from Neogames.


Turnover of the Finnish game industry core

  • 2013800 M € (estimate)
  • 2012250 M €
  • 2011165 M €
  • 2010105M
  • 200987M

Number of employees in the Finnish game industry

  • 20132200 (estimate)
  • 20121800
  • 20111264
  • 20101079
  • 20091020

CAGR - Compound annual growth rate in the Finnish game industry

  • 2004–201339,5%