Events are an elemental part of Neogames’ services and export activities.

Every year Neogames organizes several networking and recruitment events in Finland, as well as group trips to and stands at international events and fairs. We also co-promote trade events in Finland.

In order to support companies travelling to international events, Neogames coordinates joint funding applications for export subsidies granted by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

Upcoming Events


The Ministry of Employment and the Economy grants subsidies for export promotions for Finnish companies in certain industries. Every year, Neogames organizes four or five trade missions that are eligible for subsidies. Neogames can apply for funds on behalf of its members taking part in the trade mission.

Neogames applies for the funds approximately six weeks prior to the event. A minimum of four companies is required in order for funds to be applied. Applications are handled via Neogames, and the maximum subsidy is 50 per cent of applicable expenses.

Funds can be applied for the following purposes:

  • Trade exhibitions, public relations, and product promotions activities at exhibitions Reimbursable costs are travel expenses and costs related to setting up the exhibition
  • International press or TV advertising and other media promotions
  • Production of joint export brochures, videos, Internet advertising, and other promotional materials
  • Joint marketing, promotion, and internationalization projects at the discretion of the MEE

For further information: KooPee Hiltunen,, tel. +358 40 532 4176